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Checkout the most frequently asked questions we receive at Middletons to help you plan your visit.

I have a question about Middletons, who can I contact?

How can I leave feedback on a recent visit?

How do I book a table?

What are your opening times?

What is the dress code at Middletons?

Do you have any allergen/special dietary information available for guests?

Do you offer Halal Meat?

I'm experiencing issues with my APP

Where can I buy a Middletons Gift Card?

How long are gift cards valid?

Do you allow dogs in your restaurants?

Do you offer blue light discount?

What is your service charge policy?

What menu's are available on Sunday?

Where is your meat sourced?

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Group Bookings

For reservations over 8 guests, please contact the restaurant you to wish to visit.

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